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Internet Intelligence Insights

The Internet Intelligence Insights product is a web based visualization tool that utilizes analytics to communicate valuable insights into statistics data which has been collected from network traffic. Insights allows for a macro level view into metrics, facts and trends about the network traffic that has been extracted through the PacketLogic solution deployment. Each perspective of Insights is targeted towards a specific audience and specific aspects of network activity.

This software component is a separately licensable product which can be installed on an existing PacketLogic Intelligence Center Platform (PIC).


Version Type Released
1.0.6 Stable March 2014
1.1.4 GA Generally Available August 2014


Overview Totals
Insights / OverviewInsights / Overview
Subscriber Classes
Insights / Subscriber Classes
Subscriber Tiers
Insights / Subscriber Tiers
Traffic Categories
Insights / Traffic CategoriesInsights / Traffic Categories
Traffic Services
Insights / Traffic ServicesInsights / Traffic Services

How to Evaluate / Install

Contact your local Procera Sales Engineer to schedule an evaluation or installation.